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The following units and commanders fought in the First Battle of Manassas on the Confederate side. The Union order of battle is shown separately.

Confederate forcesEdit

BG*Joseph E. Johnston, Commanding

* Military Rank Abbreviations UsedEdit

Army of the PotomacEdit

BG P. G. T. Beauregard, Commanding
Col Thomas Jordan, Chief of Staff

Brigades Regiments and batteries
First Brigade:

   BG Milledge L. Bonham

Second Brigade:

   BG Richard S. Ewell

Third Brigade:

   BG David R. Jones

Fourth Brigade:

   BG James Longstreet

  • 5th North Carolina: Ltc J. P. Jones
  • 1st Virginia: Maj Frederick G. Skinner
  • 11th Virginia: Col Samuel Garland, Jr.
  • 17th Virginia: Col Montgomery D. Corse
  • 24th Virginia: Col Peter Hairston Jr.
  • 3rd Company, Washington Artillery: Lt John J. Garnett
  • Amherst Rangers, 30th Virginia: Cpt Edgar Whitehead
Fifth Brigade:

   Col Philip St. George Cocke

Sixth Brigade:

   Col Jubal A. Early

Evans' Command:

   Col Nathan G. Evans

  • 1st Louisiana Battalion: Maj Chatham R. Wheat (wounded)
  • 4th South Carolina: Col J. B. E. Sloan
  • Campbell Rangers, 30th Virginia Cavalry: Cpt John D. Alexander
  • Clay Dragoons, 30th Virginia Cavalry: Cpt William R. Terry
  • Artillery battery: Lt G. S. Davidson
Reserve Brigade:

   BG Theophilus H. Holmes

Army of the ShenandoahEdit

BG Joseph E. Johnston, Commanding

Brigades Regiments and batteries
First Brigade:

   BG Thomas J. Jackson

Second Brigade:

   Col Francis S. Bartow (killed)
   Col Lucius J. Gartrell

Third Brigade:

   BG Barnard Elliott Bee, Jr. (killed)
   Col States Rights Gist

Fourth Brigade:

   BG Edmund Kirby Smith (wounded)
   Col Arnold Elzey





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